Rapid Construction of Co-simulations of Cyber-Physical Systems in HLA using a DSL

Authors: Thomas Nägele and Jozef Hooman

Proceedings 43rd Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA 2017), pages 247-251, 2017.

Abstract: The development of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) is a multi-disciplinary process. A model-based approach during the design of a system is important for making design decisions during the exploration of alternatives. However, all disciplines use different modelling tools and techniques, which makes the integration of these models difficult and time-consuming. The use of the High Level Architecture (HLA) simplifies this problem, but still requires quite an effort to implement. Our work focuses on minimising the effort required to construct co-simulations. We have created a Domain Specific Language (DSL) to define a system design consisting of different types of models. We demonstrate how this DSL can be used to experiment with alternative designs of the system quickly. The DSL allows us to build virtual prototypes of CPSs without the large overhead of constructing the co-simulation.