Scalability Analysis of Cloud-based Distributed Simulations of IoT Systems using HLA

Authors: Thomas Nägele, Jozef Hooman

Proceedings 24th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2018), IEEE, pages 1075-1080, 2018.

Abstract: Gaining insight in the properties of an Internet of Things (IoT) system during the design phase is difficult. The co-simulation of such a system would be very useful, but creating it is usually time consuming. By means of domain specific languages (DSLs) we support the fast construction of large co-simulations of IoT systems. This approach includes the use of CoHLA, a DSL that generates co-simulation code based on the HLA and FMI standards. Due to the large number of connected sensors and actuators in an IoT system, the time needed for simulation can be a blocking factor. Hence we facilitate distributed co-simulation in the cloud. To do that efficiently, we have conducted a set of experiments to analyse scalability and the performance impact of distribution methods. From these experiments, lessons were learned on how to distribute the co-simulation of IoT systems.