Building Distributed Co-simulations using CoHLA

Authors: Thomas Nägele, Jozef Hooman, Jack Sleuters

Proceedings 21st Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD 2018), pages 342-346, 2018.

Abstract: The construction of a co-simulation for large cyber-physical systems can be very time consuming. We have defined a domain specific language called CoHLA that facilitates this construction based on the standards FMI and HLA. Scalability of this approach is investigated by the application to Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Because of the repetitive nature of these systems, we developed a separate domain specific language that allows the user to describe the system and easily generate a co-simulation definition for CoHLA. Additionally, we extended CoHLA to speed up the co-simulation execution by distributing the simulation across multiple nodes. This method also allows the co-simulation to be executed in the cloud easily.